Banking Apps compatible with GrapheneOS

The Banking Project is a maintained list of tested banking apps that do not enforce SafetyNet and work with GrapheneOS’s compatibility layer.

Users are able to view the list of currently submitted reports for banking apps that work on GrapheneOS.

Users may also submit a report of the banking app they tested, what features work and which don’t. An issue form template was created via this projects issue tracker by Zanthed (Thanks)

List of Banking apps compatible with GrapheneOS
Submit Report via Issue tracker
Repository: https://github.com/akc3n/banking

For non-GitHub users that would like to contribute:

curl -O https://gist.githubusercontent.com/akc3n/e845078ddbbb28ada0dd055c51ec45af/raw/63b2d2444bf0b9881c22c2a0514a1163116ec27f/issue-form.md

Contact info for submitting banking app report.