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Streamlined collections of information from multiple platforms related to GrapheneOS and things I’m passionate about. This is an ongoing work in progress!1

The core of the information may not be written by me in the posts section. Nor do I take credit for it. Citations will be provided in footnotes where applicable or linked directly from the contents in articles.

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GitHub hosted source, deployment to Cloudflare Pages

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I’m just an ordinary human that loves to learn, solve puzzles, and eat food. Privacy & Security Enthusiast, Aspiring InfoSec Professional, Mental Health Advocate.

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[ matrix ] ​@​akc3n:grapheneos​.org
[ signal ] +447577475514
[ session ] dbc73b57a416cf00
[ xmpp ] akc3n@conversations.im
[ briar ] 65deih3aoqh5fcfu

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official site | twitter | github | reddit | lemmy

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  1. If you see any mistakes, such as misuse of terminology, phrasing, grammar, or inaccurately written information, please feel free to open an issue on this site’s repository issue tracker. ↩︎