Photography Project

Showcase of photographed images captured using GrapheneOS’s Secure Camera app - Google Play Store Edition on non-GrapheneOS installed devices.

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Intro #

This is a personal project of mine I really wanted to do for a while now.

I love taking photos of nature and landscapes while exploring trails, hiking and going on bike rides adventures. I believe that this may help people see the amazing quality of GrapheneOS’s Camera app and potentially contribute to the adaption of the Secure Camera app locally, and elsewhere.

Either way, I am having lots of fun doing this, it makes me happy, and I feel grateful just to be enjoying my self this much!

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Status #

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Objective #

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Usage #

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Showcase #

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Submit #

If you’d like to have your best captured photograph taken with GrapheneOS' Secure Camera app featured in my showcase album feeds across many platforms, send me an email by click:

Photo Submission

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